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Our Programs

Capacity Building

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capacity building

Enlighten, Equip and Empower girls to thrive through life skills, along with SRH education delivered to the girls under our mentorship program.

We enlighten girls about their bodies, worth, value,

rights and potential, empower girls with the courage and confidence they need to defend their rights, compete favorably and thrive.

Sexual & Reproductive Health education empowers girls to make the right decisions about relationships.

Through male inclusion, which is needed for real gender justice to happen, boys participate in gender justice

We involve the community in empowering girls, making everyone responsible and shaping their perception about girls’ value. EG scholars and alumni inspire and empower others through stories, music, dance and drama.


We do this through weekly seminars on topics including personal health, study skills, life skills, culture and traditions, leadership, mindset, goal setting, healthy relationships, coping skills, and more. The seminars are led by the EG mentors in coordination with the programme director, the mentors lead the girls to analyze the lessons, understand them so that they can relate and apply the lessons in their day today lives. The lessons are made funso students look forward to it.

Menstrual Hygine Management

Empower girls to know their bodies and how they work, and to have the sanitary supplies for comfortable menstrual health management and waste management. Incinerators are built in rural schools where there is scarcity of water.

Girls learn to appreciate and accept themselves as girls. The availability of sanitary pads enables girls to attend classes on a daily basis andboosts their confidence and gives them a better chance to

perform favorably in class. Each girl in our rural partner schools and all those who cannot afford pads in our urban schools get a monthly supply of pads.

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Menstrual Hygine

Better Education Outcomes

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Girls gain tools to excel academically, to become leaders and to overcome the different challenges they face in their societies.

Quality education is the greatest weapon against poverty. With so many obstacles to the girls, school can become unpleasant.

We enlighten girls about having a growth mindset, goal setting, achievement and visioning to help the girls to keep focused, work hard and not give up on their education. The girls are shown study and exam prep skills. We encourage the girls to form discussion groups where they help each other.
We sit with girls who are struggling academically and try to find out what the problem is and then advise and accordingly.

Better Education

Academic achievements are celebrated, and girls who graduate top in their class are rewarded during the annual EG

graduations. Girls who are from poor families and ones with unsupportive parents get school supplies so that they can stay in school, focus, and excel in their academics. The basic needs provided are contributed by Empowered Girls alumni and the well wishers from the community.

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