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Who we are

Why empowering girls matters

Girls are marginalised by culture, tradition and systems which pose so many challenges, obstacles, hindrances and boundaries to them living their dreams and full potential. 

In Tanzania…

• 73 percent of girls who start primary school finish. 30 percent of girls finish lower secondary school (o-level). 6 percent of girls finish upper secondary school (a-level)

• More than one-third of girls are married by the time they are 18

• Girls from poor families are twice as likely to be married early than girls from wealthier homes  


When you empower a girl…

• She takes control of her life, makes good decisions, and nothing can stop her.

• She will unleash her potential and will become a great leader leading her life, family, community and the world to a better place

• socially and economically.  

When a girl stays in school and graduates...

• she is less likely to marry early  
• more likely to be in a healthy relationship  

• has fewer and healthier children

We believe all youth can embrace who they are,
can define their future, and can change the world.

Our Vision

A world where girls know who they are and live up to their dreams.

Our Mission

To Enlighten, Equip and Empower girls
to thrive.

• Enlighten girls about their bodies, worth, value, rights and potential.

• Equip girls with tools to excel academically, to become leaders and to overcome the different challenges they face in their societies.

• Empower girls with the courage and confidence they need to compete favorably and thrive

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Our Mission
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EG Theory of Change


The impact that we want to see, and how we are getting there. Click image for PDF.

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