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Our team


Kellen Msseemmaa • Founder

I was born and raised in Uganda, the first born of six children. My mother got pregnant while in secondary school and because of that she could not go on with her education and that meant the end of her dreams. While growing up my mother reminded me everyday of taking education seriously as it is the only way I could live my dream life. Read more...


Linda Emanuel • Director


With Education background of bachelor degree of education in art at Mwenge Catholic University.

Aside from a Director at Empowered Girls, i have been a Mentor and an Empowered Girls alumna who is very familiar with the environment and the challenges that rural school girls pass through. My desire is to be an answer to  questions that many young girls have in their mind and from the environment around them especially the culture and traditions that are marginalizing their dreams.


As a student ,my desire was to get someone to guide me and also to help me with some questions that were killing my dignity.  The vision and values inside me was full of impossibilities, negativities, harmful beliefs as well as a world of silenced women. Thereafter I met Empowered Girls with tools of self awareness, self confidence, self assertiveness and the power of believing that I can do great things. I came to realise the clear picture of who I was born to be.


The picture I have toward girls is to transfer the eyes (knowledge,skills and experiences) for them to see clearly who they are supposed to be and not what people (culture and tradition systems) say they are supposed to be since we were created in the beauty and wonder of God  in order to be problem solvers for the world.


Jadilina Michael  • Finance & Administration 

I love working in Finance and administration with my eductaion background in a bachelors in business management, and I am a beautiful woman with dreams to archive 


As an Empowered Girls alumna, being part of the club since Form One has helped me in nurturing my dreams, where I am today because of the encouragement and inspiration from our previous mentors. 


Growing up in a community where most girls are not motivated to study hard and reach their dreams, so many end up getting pregnant and dropping out of school and some get married at an early age hence their families end up not getting proper care. 


Giving back to the community by being part of the organisation as a mentor will help me motivate girls to work hard towards their dreams for the betterment of their future selves, families and communities.

I am so happy to have the chance to change the lives of youth,  particularly girls, who are likely to be marginalised to know their value and believe in themselves. Nothing can change or take that from them.


Aron William • Communications

As an educator, I have a great ambition to work with youth. My life experiences make me want to teach, inspire, and guide them to grow in a way they can face all their challenges, win them, and eventually to form a very good and beautiful community.  I studied high school in Arusha at a school where there was an Empowered Girls program, joined military training in 2016, and finished by degree in education in 2019 from Kampala International University. 


Lightness Makuza • Mentor

I am a Tanzanian and the second-born of four children raised in a family with love as the pillar of our home. I am a  graduate from Mzumbe University with a Bachelor Degree of Human Resource Management.


I am an empowered woman who was once an Empowered Girl. The journey through Empowered Girls left me confident, resilient and I can say successful and because of that, as a way of giving back to my community, I want to help Empowered Girls members and other youth to walk the same path and live their dreams.


I have a dream of one day becoming a great leader in my country who will bring positive change. I have a vision of a world where everyone has a growth mindset and lives a better life.


I am excited to be part of this wonderful Empowered Girls mentoring team because I know what it means to be an empowered girl and the benefit it comes with.

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