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Ishi ndoto yako.

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Our Goal, Vision & Commitment

Learn about our thematic areas of focus as we empower girls to thrive

Ways to participate in programs supporting girls who will build a better world

Mission & Values

Our mission is to enlighten, equip, and empower girls to thrive.


Our values are Transparency, Integrity, Quality, Creativity, Results oriented, God-centered, Leadership, and Stewardship.

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Our Vision

A world where girls know who they are and live their dreams

Why girls?

Girls are marginalised by culture, tradition and systems which pose so many challenges, obstacles, hindrances and boundaries to them living their dreams and full potential.

Girls face many challenges.

Poverty:​ leaves girls hungry, makes men take advantage of girls, increases the rate of girls dropping out of school, increases the number of unwanted pregnancies,deprives girls of basic needs and leaves them worthless.

Harmful Culture and traditions:​ Leaves girls voiceless, strips them of their dignity and power, lowers their self esteem and confidence. Stereo types, gender inequality, gender discrimination, and gender violence all have their roots in culture and tradition. FGM leaves girls bleeding externally and internally creating difficulty and scars that may never be healed for a lifetime.  


Forced marriage and child dowry: ​Deprives girls of their childhood, makes them believe that they were only born to be mothers, wives and that their office is in the kitchen. 

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In Tanzania… 

• 73 percent of girls who start primary school finish Standard 7.

• 30 percent of girls finish lower secondary school (Form 4).

• 6 percent of girls finish upper secondary school (Form 6).

• More than one-third of girls are married by the time they are 18.

• Girls from poor families are twice as likely to be married early than girls from wealthier homes  

When you empower a girl…

• She takes control of her life, makes good decisions, and nothing can stop her.

• She will unleash her potential and will become a great leader leading her life, family, community and the world to a better place socially and economically.  

When a girl stays in school and graduates...

• She is less likely to marry early. 
• More likely to be in a healthy relationship.

• Has fewer and healthier children.

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What is Empowered Girls?

Seminars teach life skills and health, and fun activities help to build confidence, all while equipping members to teach others.


Watch the brief video to learn about the ways that our programmes operate, what the girls learn in the sessions, and how we make it fun.

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